Universal Level Switch

Single-Point Level Switch | Horizontal Mounting

The standard model compact float switches of the horizontal series have one switch point to register the filling level, and are installed on the side.
They are inexpensive and are particularly suitable for small containers.

Compact float switch made from various plastics or stainless steel, for installation on the side. Switch function SPST, factory setting is NO (normally open).

Type LS-7 range

Switch rating
20 VA, 120…240 V AC
Switch function
SPST, factory setting is NO (normally open), NO or NC (normally closed) can be selected by reversing the float
PVC-Fly lead
22 AWG, Length 60 cm
-40 to +121°C
Medium density
> 550 kg/m³
Max. Pressure
3.5 – 20 bar
Mounting direction
Installation depth
see Data Sheet
Process connection
see Data Sheet
Nylon, PP, stainless steel