Trimod´Besta Level Switch

Industrial Range

For alarm, limit and control functions

Frequently used on off-shore rigs, in steam boilers and plants, power stations, chemical and petrochemical engineering, heating and refrigeration, i.e. airconditioning technology.

Type A 22C 04

Nominal pressure
PN 40 according to EN/DIN
Operating temperature
0 to 330°C
Ambient temperature
0 to 70°C
Density of the liquid
min. 0.7 kg / dm³
Operating differential
12 mm, fixed
Wetside material
Stainless steel (CrNiMo)
Slip-on flange
Carbon steel P265GH zinc galvanized, passivated
Housing material
seawater resistant die cast aluminium
DN 65, PN 40 according to EN 1092-1
Flange facing
raised face, form B1
Switch element
Microswitch SPDT with silver contacts
Switch rating
250 VAC, 5 A / 30 VDC, 5 A
5.4 kg
Overall length (tank)
226 mm
Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
SIL 1 (Type AA 22C 04: SIL 2)

Type A 22CF 04

As type A 22C 04, but sealing unit and slip-on flange are made from a single part. Material: stainless steel (CrNiMo)


Flange modules for the Industrial Range according to EN/DIN, ANSI, JIS

For economic reasons, the flange modules of the Industrial Range are manufactured in two different executions. The fixed flange for the most demanding requirements in respect of temperature range and corrosion resistance and the composite flange for best economy.

Fixed flange

Temperature range
-196 to +400°C
1.4435 (316L) Hastelloy C

Composite flange

Temperature range
-10 to +400°C (EN/DIN)
-29 to +400°C (ANSI)
Slip-on Flange
Carbon steel: P265GH zinc galvaniced and passivated
13 CrMo 44 (high temp. steel)
A 350-LF2 (low temp. steel)
Sealing unit
1.4435 (316L)
Hastelloy C