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Capacitive Level Transmitter

Type CPA01
For liquids with low dielectric constants, such as oils, diesel, lubricants, emulsions and water.
(PDF, 3 pages | 10/2015)
>> English CPA01 (276.63KB)
>> German CPA01 (345.29KB)
Type CPA02
For liquids or powdery or fine-grain bulk goods. The probe rods can be replaced or shortened.
(PDF, 3 pages | 10/2015)
>> English CPA02 (270.82KB)
>> German CPA02 (275.34KB)
Type CPA03
Level transmitter made from PVC or PVDF for liquids with medium or large dielectric constants and for use in aggressive media such as acids and alkalis.
(PDF, 3 pages | 10/2015)
>> English CPA03 (304.62KB)
>> German CPA03 (343.54KB)
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