Distributor for Trimod'Besta products in GREECE

MANTANOVITCH- KATSAROS S.A., was established in year 2000 from the merger of the companies TH.MANTANOVITCH S.A.(1978) & KATSAROS AUTOMATION (1950) two of the oldest and very well known companies, in the Greek market.We are a comercial and technical company, dealing with measuring and control equipment and automation.

Our company is established in Piraeus, where we run a sales store and a fully equipped service station. Our activities, cover the section of level, flow, temperature, pressure and so on.

Among our customers, are the biggest industries, refineries, shipping companies and shipyards of our country.

Mantanovitch-Katsaros S.A.

40 Aegaleo & 35 Vitolion Str.,
185 45 Piraeus
Phone +30 210 46 11 010
Fax +30 210 46 17 519

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