Application Information

Power Generation

Nuclear Power Station

Beznau, Switzerland

The power plant is on an island formed by the course of the river and the channel for the Beznau hydro-electric power plant. Given the sufficient supply of cooling water from the Aare, there is no need for a cooling tower. Beznau consists of two near-identical units, Unit 1 and Unit 2. Their net output is 365 megawatts (MW) each. Both are baseload power plants, i.e. they generate uniform electric power round the clock...

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Ex-proof Application in the Power Generation

Co-Generation Plant, Sydney, Australia

This application information shows a Co-Generation plant. Trimod'Besta level switches type ZKK5 01 04 are installed. They are used as low level alarm in the recycling process of the waste water cleaning.

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Low / High Power Heaters

Eskom Hendrina Power Plant, South Africa

Trimod'Besta level switches mounted in Besta float chambers are used in low power (LP) and high power (HP) heaters of the coal fired Eskom Hendrina Power Station in South Africa. This power station has ten 200 MW units with a total installed capacity of 2’000 MW.

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Marine approvals and registrations of Trimod'Besta limit switches

Electric and pneumatic level switches are available to the marine industry, in light, heavy duty and explosion proof versions.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

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