Universal Level Switches

Bilge Switches

For installation in ships, mostly under difficult conditions, such as the simultaneous presence of different fluids, such as oils, water with solid content and petrol.

Type SR 6

Bilge switch with protection class IP68 (8 m) and test function, maintenance-free, vertical installation. Mainly for use in shipbuilding, with shipbuilding approval from Germanic Lloyds.

The bilge float switches are designed for general usage on ships and for industrial purposes. These bilge switches are primarily intended for extremely high mechanical load and especially dirty liquids such as found in e.g. bilge wells, fresh water tanks, tanks for hydraulic and diesel oil, plant construction, etc.

Opener / Closer230V AC, 100 VA, 1A AC
230V DC, 50 W, 0.5A DC
Change-over switch 230V AC, 40 VA, 1A AC
230V DC, 20 W, 0.5A DC
Switch functionOpener / Closer / Change-over switch
with a rising liquid level
Cable Output Standard cable length
2 m, 2 x 1.5 mm², 3 x 1.5 mm²
Pressuremax. 16 bar
Temperature-40 to +80°C
Medium densitymin. 750 kg/m³
Switch point positionapprox. in the middle of the switch pipe
Switch pipe12 mm in 1.4571
Mounting bracketstainless steel 1.4571
Protective casingLength 80 mm, in 1.4571
FloatCylindrical float ø 44,5 mm in 1.4571
EnclosureIP68 (8 m), (DIN 40050)

Type LS-270-E

The bilge float switch has been specifically designed for low-level alarms, and monitors levels from 35 mm. Protection class IP67 with vulcanised cable.

Switch rating
Opener / CloserSPST 100 VA/0.5A/250 VAC
Switch function function (NO,NC) indicate when ordering
CableCR 3 x 1.5 mm²
Temperature-40 to +80°C
Medium density ≥ 580 kg/m³
Max. Pressure10 bar
Mountig directionvertical
Installation depthL = 96 mm
Process connection see Data Sheet
Materialstainless steel / Buna N
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