Trimod'Besta Level switches

Plastic range

Switch modules

  • Switch elements: microswitches and proximity switches
  • SPDT and 2xSPDT
  • Pneumatic with ON/OFF output
  • Pneumatic with proportional output
  • Housings made of aluminium and CrNiMo
  • IP65 to IP68 protection
  • Self lifting terminals for perfect connections
Flange modules
Standard:PN: DN:
DIN1080 to 150
ANSIcl. 150 3" to 6"
JIS10K80A to 150A
BSTable E3" to 6"

Flange facing: raised face
Slip-on flange: P265GH, PVC or 1.4571
Wetside: PP, PTFE

Float Modules
Horizontal and vertical installation

Marine approvals and registrations of Trimod'Besta limit switches

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