Trimod'Besta Level switches

Industrial range

Frequently used on off-shore rigs, in steam boilers and plants, power stations, chemical and petrochemical engineering, heating and refrigeration, i.e. airconditioning technology.

Switch modules

  • Switch elements: microswitches and proximity switches
  • SPDT and 2 x SPDT (SIL 1 and SIL 2)
  • Pneumatic with ON/OFF output
  • Pneumatic with proportional output
  • Housings made of aluminium and CrNiMo
  • High and low temperature versions
  • IP65 to IP68 protection
  • Explosion proof versions
  • Self lifting terminals for perfect connections

Flange modules

  • Fixed flange version made of CrNiMo
  • Composite flange version made of Carbon steel P265GH and CrNiMo
  • Special flanges made of Hastelloy

Flange Standard:PN:DN:
EN/DIN16 to 320 65 to 150
ANSIclass 150 to 2500 3" to 6"
JIS5K to 63K65A to 125A
BSTables E to T3" to 6"

Flange facing
EN/DIN: Raised face, Male, Groove, Groove for Metal Joint
ANSI: Raised face, Male, Tongue, Groove, Ring Joint
JIS: Raised face, Male, Tongue, Groove
BS: Raised face

Float modules

  • Fixed operating differential 12 mm
  • Adjustable operating differential for pump control, vertical max. 2840 mm, horizontal max. 557 mm
  • CrNiMo (316) and Hastelloy stainless steel floats
  • NACE compliant floats
  • Stainless steel versions up to a maximum operating pressure of 350 bar
  • Float modules for separation layer monitoring
  • Stainless steel floats with polyamide and halar coating

Marine approvals and registrations of Trimod'Besta limit switches

Electric and pneumatic level switches are available to the marine industry, in light, heavy duty and explosion proof versions.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

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