Float Switches

Mini type

Mini-float switches with a diameter of 76 mm and up to two switch points. They are suitable for use in calm media, and have no lead or mercury components.

Switch elementMicro switch
Electrical datas
Loop supply voltage6 to 250 VAC or VDC
Electricity outputmin. 100 mA to max. 6 A resistive load, 3 A Ind.
Max. Power75 Watt (0.3 A at 250 V) DC
Pressure2 bar
Temperaturemax. 55°C, special types 75°C
Range of adjustmentStandard types 200 to 1200 mm
Special types
(50 to 100 mm, 100 to 200 mm, 1200 to 2000 mm)
Cable length 5 m
Weight0.55 to 1.7 kg
BuoyancyFloat switch 6 N
Mini float switch 2 N
Float materialPolypropylene
Float øMini 76 mm
Float lengthMini 130 mm
Cable insulationPVC, by request: PUR, TPU, Aton (Rubber)

Type M1L

Type M1H

High alarm or solenoid valve control

Low alarm or solenoid valve control

Type M1C

Type M2L

Pump control for emptying tanks or protection against running dry

Pump control for tank filling

Type M2H

Changeover, High or Low alarm

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