Application Information

Oil & Gas

Off Shore Application

BP Bruce, North Sea

The transport system comprises a 6 km long, 32" diameter gas export pipeline that joins the 32" Total operated Frigg UK pipeline, taking gas to the St. Fergus Terminal.

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Ex-proof Application in the Oil & Gas Industry

FPSO BW Pioneer, Gulf of Mexico, USA

Trimod'Besta level switches are located in the BW Pioneer’s «connection room», which gets flooded while the ship connects to the buoy. Trimod Besta level switches are trusted to start and stop the process of pumping the seawater out and to protect the pumps from running dry.

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Ex-proof Application in the Oil & Gas Industry

Luginetsky Gas Compressor Station, Western Siberia, Russia

Natural gas is highly pressurized as it travels through an interstate pipeline. To ensure that the natural gas flowing through any pipeline remains pressurized, compression of this natural gas is required periodically along the pipe.

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Application in the Oil & Gas Industry

Inert gas production on ships, Netherlands

On tankers inert gas is being pumped into the cargo tanks during off-loading of flammable liquids. The inert gas controls the environment and prevents the formation of a combustiblesubstance. It is produced on board the tankers by burning kerosene or exhaust gases inside an inert gas generator.

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Schiffsregisterzulassungen der Trimod'Besta Füllstandgrenzschalter.

In der Marine Industrie kommen elektrische und pneumatische Füllstandschalter als Standard-, Heavy Duty und als explosionsgeschützte Versionen zum Einsatz.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

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