Distributor for Trimod'Besta products in FRANCE

Les Automatismes Appliqués (LAA) was founded in 1981. Our headquarters are based in Meyreuil (near Aix-En-Provence) and we also have local offices in Paris, Toulouse and Rouen. Our outside sales networks involves 13 outside sales people, covering all French territory plus north Africa countries. We act as official representative for manufacturers all considered as world leaders in their speciality, and we have long term relationship with all of them. Our PCR dpt offers components of instrumentation for fluid handling (valves, fittings, relief valves, check valves, tubes, filters, pressure regulators, solenoid valves, etc…). Our ISP dpt offers components for instrumentation and process security (level controls and measurements, flow controls and measurements, rupture discs, pressure safety valves, sightglasses and cameras). Our team offers expertise in product selection based on your use requirements. Our company is certified ISO9001:2008.

Responsible sales staff
Bruno DELICATA, +33 4 42 12 57 56 – delicata[at]

Technical, Inside sales and Marketing Manager:
Bruno DELICATA, +33 4 42 12 57 56 – delicata[at]


Parc de Bachason Bât. C Rue de la Carrière de Bachasson
Phone +33 4 42 12 57 57
Fax +33 4 42 12 57 58

R.T.I. Paris S.à r.l.

Distributor for Trimod Besta products in FRANCE

RTI Paris team with more than 20 years experience in Instrumentation and Process Market is committed to offer solutions in Oil and Gas, petrochemical and chemical industries and also Energy and Micro electronic Industries and some market segments like Biotechnology, alternative energy and environmental market. We offer global solutions of components and instruments for the Instrumentation and Process Market.

RTI Paris emploie des femmes et des hommes d’expérience de plus de 20 ans  dans l’instrumentation et le procédé.  Nous avons pour cible les industries pétrolières, pétrochimiques, chimiques mais également les industries de l’énergie, de la microélectronique et des segments de marché tels que biotechnologie, les énergies alternatives, l’environnement. Nous proposons des solutions globales d’ensemble de composants pour l’instrumentation et le procédé.


R.T.I. Paris S.à r.l.
20/22 Rue Rossignol Dubost
Phone +33 141 115 390
Fax +33 141 110 119

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