Distributor for Trimod'Besta products in SOUTH KOREA

SAMSAWON Inc. was established in 1986 as a trading company.
We have been supplying measuring and controlling instruments to all industries in Korea and also especially equipments for marine engines and electrical equipments to power transmission and distribution industries and safety devices for chemical and petrochemical industries and pigging systems to oil and gas development industries.

Sales contact:
Sales Manager, Joo-Hee Lee, Phone +82(0)2 6340-3408, jhlee[at]
Sales Manager, Dong-Kyu Choi, Phone +82(0)2 6340-3405, dkchoi[at]
Sales Manager, Sang-Hyun Bae, Phone +82(0)2 6340-3410, kolam[at]

K.P.O. Box 707
KR-Seoul 110-607
Phone +82(0)2 6340 3400
Fax +82(0)2 6340 3409

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